Dandelion Kitchen is a Minneapolis-based gourmet food truck & catering company that focuses on creating healthy, hand-crafted dishes that highlight the bounty of the midwest.  Our ingredients are carefully sourced, and we use local & organic ingredients from small family farms whenever possible. Located in downtown Minneapolis (weekdays) and farmers markets (weekends) Dandelion Kitchen serves up a well-crafted menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, and seasonal specialties, all made from scratch.


Where’s it from? Here is a list of our main ingredients and where we get them.

bacon- Pastures A Plenty, Kerkhoven, MN

chicken- Kadejan Farms, Glenwood, MN

duck- Au Bon Canard, Caledonia, MN

charcuterie- Green Ox Meats

ham- Beelers, IA

blue cheese- St. Paul, MN

fresh mozzarella- Greenbay, WI

cheddar- Rochdale Farms, MN

rofumo- Roth Kase, WI

butter- Hope Creamery, MN

eggs- Larry Schultz Organic Farm, MN

maple syrup- Sunrise Maple

apples- Hoch Orchard, LaCrescent, MN

vegetables- Gardens of Eagan, MN

tomato- eQuality Farms, MN

basil- Laughing Stalk Farmstead, MN

arugula- Harmony Valley Farm, WI

bread- Salty Tart bakery

Note:  As the Minnesota growing season comes to a close we may look elsewhere for a few of these ingredients that temperatures do not permit to be grown in the Midwest post-harvest season. For the most part, however, we strive to adapt our menu to use the freshest local ingredients.


(photo credit: WCCO)

Natalie Coleman and Alexander Brand met at Wesleyan University, where they were studying philosophy and political science, and quickly bonded over their shared love of food and passion for travel. Soon after graduation, the pair took off on a year-long bicycle expedition that would take them overland from Prague to Bangkok. Pedaling for thousands of miles through Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, they focussed on collecting recipes, forming their culinary encyclopedia, and gathering inspiration from restauranteurs and home-cooks around the world. Above all they fell in love with the concept of street food: from the delicate sweets of Istanbul to the steaming noodle stands in China. Fresh, local, and bustling, street food vendors were consistently the best food around. The more they saw, the more they became committed to the idea of bringing fast, healthy, gourmet food to the streets back home.

Upon their return and eager to generate a lively food truck scene in Minneapolis, the couple poured their energy into creating Dandelion Kitchen. After months of working with City Council, Minneapolis voted unanimously to pass the new ordinance permitting food trucks to operate downtown. Overjoyed, Natalie and Alex– who had already began a successful branch of Dandelion Kitchen at local farmers markets– found the brightest yellow trailer on the market and began the build-out, installing a shiny new kitchen inside. Ready to roll, the team opened on Nicollet Mall, bringing busy workers out of the skyways and traditional restaurants to enjoy a new experience of deliciously hand-crafted lunch options on the street. And, as they say, the rest is history!

Dandelion Kitchen’s food is fast and healthy using local and organic ingredients, and served in biodegradable packaging.


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